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Cody Hussla


I am an Entomology major and have a minor in Wildlife conservation biology at the University of California Davis. I am graduating in winter 2017 quarter. I am from Reno NV and grew to love the outdoors. I have been married to my beautiful wife Zsuzsi for a year and a half. My son Landon is 10 and I have another baby due in December 2016. I have two jobs, which I enjoy. I work for a biotech company called Divina, and I work for the UC extension office for the state of California doing agricultural research. I am currently leading a project on the presence of fire ants in almond orchards in the California central valley and their ecological impacts on almond production.



Agriculture, hunting, fishing.


University of California Davis
Attending since 2013

Truckee Meadows Community College
Not specified
Attended from 2011 to 2013

Work History

UC Agriculture and Natural Resources
Field technician, Integrated pest management
Employed since June 2016

Design and execute field experiments to study the ecology of ants in almond orchards in the upper Sacramento Valley and northern, mid and southern San Joaquin Valley. Collect any species present in orchards and identifying them using dichotomous keys. Use special relationships and statistical analyses tools to determine the special relations of ant nests among the species present.

Conduct miticide resistance trials on two mite species common in almond orchards to determine if populations in the lower San Joaquin Valley developed resistance to the miticide abamectin through the use of bioassays.

Design and executed experiments to determine the cold tolerance of leaf-footed bugs.